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Dryer Vent Cleaning

We do not believe the dryer vent service can be performed properly from the outside of a building and must be done from the inside.
Our raking system that use combined with coming in from the inside instead of the outside only will unclog 99.9% of the venting.
Then we will also clean the dryer motor because the lint screen traps only 75% of the lint with the remainder going into the dryer motor and duct work.

Clothes Dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance

The National Fire Protection Association says that dryers are among the most common type of household equipment fires, ranking third behind stoves and fixed area heaters. It also states that from 199-1998, they were involved in a per-year average of 14,800 home fires with $75.8 million in direct property damage. Lack of maintenance was the number one cause of dryer fires.
October 2002 - "The Chieftain" Fire Chief's Association of BC

The lint which is a hidden fire hazard is the material most likely to ignite. When the lint builds up in the dryer vents, the dryer motor has to labour harder and can overheat, igniting the lint.
The Fire Departments have seen quite a few dryer fires over the years because of build up of lint inside the dryer due to lack of maintenance and proper cleaning. Provincial statistics indicate on average approximately 300 dryer fires occur annually.
The dryer duct is in need of a regular cleaning (residential every 18-24 months, commercial of central laundry ever 6 - 12 months). When not maintained for a long period of time it can cause lint to build up and also water builds up in the ducting which eventually destroys the piping and water will start leaking into the ceiling.

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