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The most important step in filter improvement is to make sure that all the air that goes through the electric air handler or gas furnace is filtered.

Filters come in different efficiencies that are measured in the percentage of arrestment of particles. Simply stated, what amount and size of particles do they stop? The higher the percentage, the smaller the particle the filter will stop. The other factor that must be considered is the resistance to air flow, or will this super filter let enough air through to allow my system to function properly?

- these are the most inexpensive filters that you can buy. Most people refer to them as the filter you can see through. They stop 15 % of the largest particles in the air. Replace monthly.

Dynamic Electronic Air Filters - are available for your furnace or air conditioning system, will make your home cleaner, healthier and safer by turning your home's heating and cooling system into a high-efficiency air cleaning system.
  • Will remove the sub-micron particles that other filters miss including bacteria and some viruses (in a house test they removed 98.6% of the particles between 0.5 to 1.9 microns)
  • Will effectively remove allergens, such as pollen, moulds and dust
  • Reduce some of the odours associated with cooking smells, pets, cleaners or cigarette smoke
  • Will become more effective as they load and do not generate any ozone
  • Will keep your entire home cleaner
  • Are easy and economical to maintain

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Available in 1” panel filters and different sizes to fit into your existing filter slot, this makes installation quick and without having to make costly modifications. Also available portable “go-anywhere” console units in two sizes (125 cubic feet per minute and 500 cubic feet per minute)

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  We use and sell Benefect, biologically friendly disenfectent Benefect Logo  
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